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Learn about the latest trends and news from top leaders in the tire and auto part industry.

Thursday August 1st, 2024
11:00:00 AM Mr. Gustavo Lima CEO Latin Expo Group, LLC. Welcome Introductions + Host
11:10:00 AM Mr. Jose Moreno Automotive
Tire Service Manager
Tire Industry Association TIA’s Tire Safety Training Programs
11:30:00 AM Mr. David Shaw CEO Tire Industry Research Update about the Global and Chinese tire markets
12:00:00 PM Mr. Eduardo Minardi Founder Minardi Global Digital solutions are becoming the new fashion in the tire business
12:20:00 PM Mr. Gastón Zelerteins Co-Founder & CEO Alephee The impact of online sales and supply processes
automation in the Latam tire industry 
12:35:00 PM Mr. Matías Borges Founder and CEO Bravo Digital Solutions LLC  The Digital Retail Store is already here and
increases sales over 30%
12:50:00 PM Mr. Keith Ferry Founder and CEO Cerebrum Sensor Technologies  Advancements in intelligent tire sensing
1:05:00 PM
Mr. Eduardo Minardi
Founder, Minardi Global
Mr. Gastón Zelerteins
Co-Founder & CEO, Alephee
Mr. Matías Borges
Founder and CEO, Bravo Digital Solutions LLC 

Mr. Keith Ferry
Founder and CEO, Cerebrum Sensor Technologies 

PANEL DISCUSSION Digital technology to sell more and improve product performance - how digital technology can be used as a source of competitive advantage in the tire & auto-parts business
1:20:00 PM Mr. David Stevens CEO Tire Retread & Information Bureau The Sustainable Revolution in Retreading and its Impact on Fleets
1:40:00 PM Mr. Evaristo Garcia CEO & Founder Integrate Data Facts (IDF) Aces & Pies (the standardized data formats, exclusive to the automotive industry)
2:00:00 PM Mr. Alejandro Hernandez Marquez Director of Operations for Walker Mexico Walker Products, Inc. The importance of the oxygen sensor in the exhaust of a vehicle