Líderes de la industria de neumáticos se reunieron en Panama asistiendo la exposición Latin Tyre Expo

Leaders of the tire industry united at the Latin Tyre Expo in PanamaMiami, FL, Julio 31, 2017–   Si su negocio es neumáticos – en Panama era la cita en Junio!  La Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo es la convención líder de neumáticos en la región de América Latina. Más de 210 empresas de la industria de Neumaticos/Llantas exhibieron sus productos a distribuidores de neumáticos de toda la región Latino Americana  y Caribe del 14-16 de junio de 2017.

El Sr. David Shaw, CEO de Tire Industry Research, reconocido experto de la industria de Neumaticos de ASIA y el mundo con más de 25 años de experiencia participo como orador principal de la octava edición de la expo.

El Sr. Shaw presento un análisis sobre la industria global de neumáticos y el impacto de la industria de neumáticos Chinos en las conferencias educativas.

Para información sobre todos los presenatdores de las charlas technica , por favor visiten: ……

Leaders of the tire industry united at the Latin Tyre Expo in Panama"Consideramos que este es el espectáculo más importante en la región de América Latina y crítico en el desarrollo de nuestra red de distribución en esta parte del mundo", comenta Peter Cross, gerente general de Davanti Tires.

"Fuimos allí para mostrar nuestra gama de neumáticos de verano que fue bien recibida dada la extensividad de la gama de tamaños y los resultados recientes fuertes en el TÜV SÜD demostrando terreno en Papenburg (Alemania). Estamos encantados de haber asegurado y firmado un acuerdo para la distribución inmediata de Davanti Tire en Colombia".


Leaders of the tire industry united at the Latin Tyre Expo in PanamaLa próxima edición de la expo será Junio 6-8, 2018 en Centro de Convenciones ATLAPA, Panama, Rep. de Panama. Si desea obtener más información sobre este tema, comuníquese con Linda Bassitt al +1 786-293-5186 o envíe un correo electrónico a linda@latintyreexpo.com.

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Latin America Has Great Potential': Expo Brings Global Tire Industry to Panama

Latin America Has Great Potential': Expo Brings Global Tire Industry to Panama

Posted on September 12, 2016
Joy Kopcha

Tire World of North Carolina LLC is looking to expand its wholesale used tire business. Mick Smith and Martin Gabalda already sell bundles of hundreds of tires in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. It’s only natural their next market would be — Latin America.

Actually, it’s not an entirely new world for Tire World. The Greensboro, N.C.-based company used to ship used truck tires to dealers in the region, but low-cost imports interrupted those sales. It’s hard to sell used tires, even if they’re from top-tier manufacturers, when new low tier tires cost less, the men said. But they see a new market, so the company is trying Latin America again, and Smith and Gabalda set up a booth at the seventh Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo in Panama City to meet potential customers.

“They’re looking for light truck tires here, 16-, 17- and 18-inches,” Gabalda said as he and Smith greeted visitors to their booth.

They’re certainly not the only ones testing the market. “We might as well get down here,” said Mike Levenda, a sales manager for Alligator North America Inc. He and Blendi Bega were showing the company’s lineup of tire valves and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). And they were a bit surprised by all the interest in TPMS for trucks.

  1. Krishnaram, CEO of Emrald Resilient Tyre Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. in India, returned to the show for the first time in five years. The industrial tire company has sales offices in Belgium and Dubai, and wants to expand to the U.S. as well as Latin America. Krishnaram said he’d like to open offices in Atlanta, Ga., as well as either Panama or Peru. Among Emrald tires’ applications are at sea ports and on airplanes, he said.
Latin America Has Great Potential': Expo Brings Global Tire Industry to Panama
Marcelo Ancora, general manager of Elgi in Brazil, talks to a customer about the company’s commercial tire equipment.

“Latin America has great potential. Latin America needs a quality supplier. They’ve been infested with cheap products.”

He said dealers were asking different questions during the July 2016 show than they had previously. They used to ask about price first. This year, price wasn’t even part of the conversation. “I feel this market has great potential for a product like ours.”

Comments like those support the work Gus Lima has done to build this show over the past seven years. Lima is CEO of Latin Expo Group LLC. Committed to keeping this expo focused on tires, he hasn’t allowed auto parts suppliers to set up shop. Instead, he’s added a separate expo for them. The Latin Auto Parts Expo was held in the same convention center a month before the tire expo.

“Latin America is a good place to do business,” said Lima. “There’s a need. Everyone who walks through the door has been vetted as a tire dealer or a company that deals in tires, such as construction with a lot of equipment. We call them. We don’t just look at the internet. We have a team in Miami that does the vetting.

“A lot of people tell me ‘at SEMA there are 106,000 people.’ But how many are going to buy tires? Does anybody know? I know everybody that comes here, whether it’s 2,000 people, they came here to buy tires. We don’t give caps away.”

Latin America Has Great Potential': Expo Brings Global Tire Industry to Panama
Chinese tire companies play a big part in the expo. Gus Lima designed the three-day show with them in mind, knowing tariffs on their products in the U.S. would make Latin America a prime market.

The International Trade Administration (ITA), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, backs up Lima’s optimistic outlook for the region. The ITA is working to attract more U.S. businesses to export to Latin America. As part of its “Look South” initiative, the ITA has identified 27 sectors of industry that would be especially attractive to U.S. exporters. For the automotive parts and supplies sector, nine countries are identified as specific market targets: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Panama.

Of those nine countries, seven list tires among the best prospects for more business. Costa Rica and Mexico are the only ones to leave tires off their lists. Mexico is home to a growing number of tire manufacturers, the ITA doesn’t list any specific targets for Costa Rica. It noted though that Costa Rica’s exports, which totaled $160 million in 2015 and are expected to be about $155 million for the next three years, “are mainly due to the local Bridgestone plant that expanded production and exports all over the world.”

Colombia is a prime market for consumer tires, as well as truck and bus tires, tire retreading equipment and tire recycling operations. Guatemala is in need of wheels and tires, plus service equipment for tire repairs and tire balancing, plus lifts.

Elgi Rubber Co. LLC is among those battling for a piece of the equipment market. Ron Mohler, commercial development manager for North American markets, was part of a team of employees in Panama. The company’s Jet brand of tire retreading and repair systems was on display, and Mohler said he sees room for growth as recycling is an emerging concept in some countries. The goal was to present the company as a comprehensive supplier of the “equipment, tools and consumables that (dealers) use daily in the process.”

New hope for retreaders

Latin America Has Great Potential': Expo Brings Global Tire Industry to Panama
Maxam Tire Latam LLC was among the 205 exhibitors on the show floor of the seventh Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo.

Retreading was a big topic at the expo, and not just on the show floor. In a series of forums industry leaders talked with hope about a turnaround. Low truck tire prices have created a crisis for retreaders in Latin America, but industry leaders see signs of a rebound, and believe the worst is behind them.

Heriberto Romero, general director of Hules Banda S.A. de C.V., told attendees, “We’ve already reached rock bottom. We do feel there is a slight uptick. The numbers don’t lie. We’re seeing volume that is trending upward.”

And though that’s welcome relief, Romero also pointed to plenty of opportunity for retreaders to expand their reach in Latin America. Eighty percent of fleets are operated and managed by individual truck drivers, and only 20% are handled by large fleet companies.

Large fleet operators already are monitoring their mileage and tire wear, according to Romero. That is something individual drivers have yet to put into practice, which means there’s also a big opportunity for retreaders to be part of a more economical, long-term solution.

“We’re going through a crisis right now. Crisis also means opportunity. How do I do more with what I already do?”

Romero said one option is to look beyond the tires for more sales. In his business, he turned to selling lubricants. Truck service, shocks, batteries and alignments are all additional selling opportunities. “We need to have a bigger portfolio.” And a dealer’s existing sales staff can handle an expanded portfolio without requiring a salary increase, he said.

Jean Alexander Barros, Vipal Rubber Corp.’s coordinator of commercial products in Mexico and Central America, also believes retreading is on its way back in the region.

Barros said dealers need to teach this lesson: “Cheap ends up expensive.” 


La 7ª edición del Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo demostró ser un éxito para los expositores y visitantes

"Si neumáticos son su negocio, Panamá es el lugar para estar" fue sin duda el caso este mes. En Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo (13-15 de julio de 2016 en el Centro de Convenciones ATLAPA en Panamá) se presentaron más de 200 líderes de la industria de neumáticos domésticos e internacionales incluyendo fabricantes de neumáticos, ruedas, maquinaria de neumáticos, reencauchadoras y otras empresas relacionadas. Más de 2,000 compradores calificados estuvieron presente desde Sur América, Centro América, México y el Caribe.

La expo conto con la participación de empresas líderes en la industria de neumáticos tales como, Aeolus Tyre Co., Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, Deestone Limited, Elgi Rubber Co., Euromaster, S.A., Double Coin Tires (CMA, LLC.), Hankook Tire Co, Ltd., Interstate Tire & Rubber Co., Maxam Tire Latam LLC., Sailun Tire Co. Ltd., Techking Tires, Triangle Tyre Group Co., Ltd., Tire Group International, LLC., entre muchos más.


Clemente Rodríguez - Gerente de Logística y Ventas de América Latina para Shamrock Marketing Inc. dijo "Hemos tenido una gran experiencia en la expo y probablemente ha sido la mejor expo en la que hemos participado desde que estamos exponiendo aquí!" Gregers Lindvig, Gerente General de NDI Tire (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. compartió comentarios similares, "Hemos tenido otra realmente gran feria este año, gracias por la experiencia!".

Las Conferencias se llevaron a cabo el segundo día de la expo, donde líderes de la industria de neumáticos conferenciaron acerca de varios temas desde el transporte sostenible a recauchutados.


Los oradores de la conferencia fueron:

  • Heriberto Romero (Gerente General de Hules Banda S.A. de C.V.)
  • Jean Alexander Barros (Coordinador Comercial para México y Central América de Vipal),
  • David Stevens (Director General para Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau TRIB)
  • Milton Lopez (Vice Presidente de Ventas para Maxam Tire Latam, LLC.)
  • Dewey Grantham Jr. (Vice Presidente Regional de Liberty Tire Recycling, LLC.)
  • Cesar Mendieta (Gerente de Ventas de Neumaticos de Camión y Bus para Hankook Tire Centroamérica)
  • Luis Rodrigues (Gerente Regional de Ventas para México, América Central y América del Sur de Bosch Automotive Service Solutions)

La expo fue certificada este año por el Departamento de Comercio de los Estados Unidos con una Certificación de Comercio, apoyando el evento como una excelente oportunidad para exhibir productos y servicios Estado Unidenses. John Coronado, director comercial para la Embajada de los Estados Unidos en Panama dio una bienvenida a todos los expositores americanos durante la ceremonia inaugural el primer día de la expo.

Para las empresas que buscan ampliar su mercado en América Latina y el Caribe, Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo es donde tienen que estar ya que se ha destacado año tras año.

Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2017 será del 14-16 de junio en el Centro de Convenciones ATLAPA en Panamá. Para información sobre ser un expositor o visitante por favor llamar a +1 954 881 9762 o enviar un correo electrónico a adrianna@latintyreexpo.com.

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Si desea más información sobre este tema por favor póngase en contacto con Linda Bassitt al +1 954 881 9762 o al correo electrónico adrianna@latintyreexpo.com.

Contacto Adrianna Nicolas
Teléfono +1 954 881 9762
Cel +1 305-987-9038
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Latin American Caribbean Tyre Expo is now Certified

The U.S. Department of Commerce is pleased to grant the Trade Fair Certification to the Latin Expo Group, LLC. to organize the official United States Pavilion in the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo taking place June 14-16, 2017 at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Through this certification, the Commercial Service of the Department of Commerce recognizes the Show Organizer's professional capability to organize a United States Pavilion and endorses the event as an excellent opportunity to showcase U.S. products and services.


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Pro-Business and Pro-Dealer
That's what the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo is all about.

By Bob Ulrich

Latin Expo Group CEO Gus Lima and Show Organizer Linda Bassitt led a parade onto the trade show floor, where 210 exhibitors waited to talk with attendees.

Panama's importance to global commerce cannot be over-started. It is a free-trade zone to Central and South America, with billions of dollars of products traveling through the Panama Canal every year.

That is why Gus Lima calls his Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo in Panama a "show and sell" event for suppliers and distributors.

Lima, CEO of Latin Expo Group LLC, says the sixth annual exposition lived up to his expectations. The show featured 210 exhibitors from around the world; Chinese tire companies dominated the two floors of booth space.

"This show's purpose is to bring together manufacturers and distributors from all over the world into the backyard of the Latin American market, "says Lima". "They can meet many tire dealers in Panama who, due to tightening U.S. travel regulations, are not able to get a visa to go to the United States to visit the shows. And Panama has been a business hub for Latin America for the last 40 or 50 years.

The Jinyu brand is now part of the Sailun Jinyu Group Co. Ltd.

Double Coin Holding LLC and its American subsidiary, Chinese Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA), shared a booth with Miami, Fla.- based Lucy's Tyre Inc.

"We recognize that the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo brings an increasing number of global manufacurers and suppliers to this region each year", says Aaron Murphy, CMA's vice president. "The Expo affords us and our partners, Lucy's Tire, an opportunity to maintain and develop our strategic relationships within the Latin American and Caribbean markets".

Attendance alone does not ensure success, according to Lima.



Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2015

(July 28, 2014) The 2014 Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo in Panama City, Panama, is over. It wrapped up on Friday, July 25. All that's left is to report on the activities -- and look forward to next year's event.

www.latintyreexpo.comThe exposition started with a gala inaugural party on Wednesday evening. During the party, Latin Expo Group LLC CEO Gustavo Lima and President Marco Zigni presented a check for $10,000 to a local children's charity, Aldeas Infantiles SOS Panama.

SOS helps children who are at risk because their basic needs are neglected or they are abused. “We are pleased that with we are able to contribute this small token of support for these children and to such a wonderful charity in Panama," said Lima.

Although attendance statistics are not finalized, Lima said he expected roughly 4,000 total attendees from 50 countries to attend the expo. He was expecting 230 exhibitors from 80 countries, too.

During the event, several key executives from Bridgestone Tire Americas Inc., Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Continental Tire the Americas LLC and Hules Bando spoke about topics varying from new marketing techniques to consumers to the ecological advantages of using retreaded tires.

In addition, Matt White, director of tire service for the Tire Industry Association, spoke about new training and certification programs that the association has produced in both English and Spanish. A new farm tire training program has been introduced this year, and White said that a new earthmover tire certification program will be finished in 2015, as will an industrial tire training program. White believes TIA has trainied more than 88,000 technicians to date.

Wrapping up the general session, David Stevens, managing director of the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) used the occassion to introduce a "Rubber on the Road" video that will be used to debunk commons misperceptions about the rubber found on highways.

The 2015 Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo is scheduled for July 16-18 at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City.

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Latin Am. tire show spawns parts expo Two industry events set for "14 in Panama

PANAMA CITY, Panama—Following the success of the fourth annual Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo in late July, the show's organizers are planning a conference next summer focusing on auto parts for the region.

The Latin Auto Parts Expo will take place July 9-11, 2014, at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, the same venue as the Tyre Expo, which will run two weeks later, July 23-25.

The new show will be tailored to the OE and aftermarket parts business for buyers from South America, Central America and the Caribbean, said Show Director Linda Bassitt.

The owner of the expos is Latin Expo Group L.L.C., which has its headquarters in Miami and an office in Panama. Gus Lima, the CEO of the organization, also serves as CEO of Oriente Triangle Latin America Inc. and Grupo Sailun Latin America Inc., also based in Miami. Oriente Triangle distributes the Triangle tire brand in Latin America, with the exception of Jamaica, Honduras, Peru and Florida, while Grupo Sail-un distributes the Sailun brand in Latin America. More...


New auto parts show planned for Latin America

PANAMA CITY, Panama (Aug. 2, 2013) — Following the success of the fourth annual Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo, the show's organizers are planning a new conference for the region focusing on auto parts.

The Latin Auto Parts Expo will take place July 9-11, 2014, at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, the same location as the Tyre Expo, which will run two weeks later on July 23-25, 2014.

The new show will be tailored to the OE and aftermarket parts business for buyers from South America, Central America and the Caribbean, said Show Director Linda Bassitt.

The owner of the expos is Latin Expo Group L.L.C., headquartered in Miami with an office in Panama. The CEO of the organization, Gus Lima, also is CEO of Oriente Triangle Latin America Inc. and Grupo Sailun Latin America Inc., also based in Miami. Oriente Triangle distributes the Triangle tire brand in Latin America and Florida, while Grupo Sailun distributes the Sailun brand in Latin America. More...


Extraordinario aumento de expositores ofrece grandes oportunidades a los visitantes del Latín American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2013.

Centro de Convenciones Atlapa en Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá (24–27 de Julio, 2013).

El extraordinario aumento de expositores al  Latín American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2013 proporcionará a los visitantes grandes oportunidades para concretar nuevos negocios.

El Latín American & Caribbean Tyre Expo que tomará lugar Julio 2013, es la exposición más vasta y profesional en la  industria  de neumáticos/ llantas  y equipos en América Latina y El Caribe.

Como expositores contaremos con la presencia de prestigiosas empresas multinacionales como Sailun Tires, Triangle Tyre, Cooper Tires, Continental Tire México, Bridgestone Tire Costa Rica, Goodyear Centro América, Sumitomo Rubber Latín América Ltda., Double Coin América Latina,  Euromaster, SA / Michelin, GT Radial Tires,  Titan Tire Corp., TBC International, CEAT Limited,  BKT y Aeolus entre muchas otras.

Nuestro panel de discusión integrado por distinguidos líderes de la Industria de neumáticos será informativo y educacional.

Anticipamos en la Expo la visita de más de tres mil quinientos distribuidores de neumáticos, de más de 40 países. Un aumento de más 30% en comparación a las visitas al Latín American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2012.

Panamá es un lugar estratégico para conducir negocios en América Latina y el Caribe con una  gran ventaja por el Canal de Panamá y su zona libre.

"Nuestra visión es exponer a los fabricantes y proveedores mundiales directamente a los mercados de América, y a su vez, exponer a los distribuidores de América Latina a los fabricantes en un lugar familiar." Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo


La inscripción es Gratis  para compradores y los espacios para los puestos de los expositores están casi agotados. Para registrarse como visitante o expositor, y recibir  información y lo más actualizado  de la Expo no deje de visitar el sitio web www.LatinTyreExpo.com.

Para preguntas contactar a adrianna@latintyreexpo.com  y/o llamar  al +1 954 881 9762.

Nuestro agradecimiento a los patrocinadores:  PLATINO “Sailun Tire”  y ORO  “Triangle Tyre”.


La 6º CHINA-ALC Cumbre Empresarial "Transformación de Comercio e Inversión, Mayor Desarrollo" 17-18 de octubre de 2012 en Hangzhou, China.

En la sexta CHINA-ALC Cumbre Empresarial, Alejandro M. Castillero Pinilla (Representante de Panamá, Departamento de Desarrollo de Comercio de China) y Wu Long (Vicepresidente de CCPIT HZ), firmó un contrato para promover la 2013 Latin American y CaribbeanTyre Expo.

Varias compañías de periódicos y televisión estuvieron presentes para grabar videos, que aparecerán en los programas de televisión y en los periódicos más importantes de Hangzhou.

Nuestros socios en China son Hangzhou JR Exhibition Co., Ltd., que representan a todos los expositores de China en la feria. Si usted es una empresa en China, con interés en participar en la Expo 2013 como expositor, asegúrese de ponerse en contacto con ellos directamente:

Bing Han
Vice GM • Hangzhou JR Exhibition Co., Ltd. • Tel: +86-571-28903299 • Fax: +86-571-28903299 • Mobile: +86-13588877368
Email: hanbing920@gmail.com bing.han@jrexpo.com • URL: www.jrexpo.com

Dirección: 2nd Floor, No.2 Building, Juluo Fifth Creative Industry Area,No.5 Genshanzhisan Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China.


La Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo acaba de concluir en el Centro de Convenciones Atlapa en la Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá.

La Expo fue un éxito rotundo para todos los expositores y distribuidores de neumáticos visitantes. Este es el show de neumáticos líder en América Latina y el Caribe. Este año, más de tres mil distribuidores de llantas procedentes de más de 80 países y más de doscientos expositores de todo el mundo participaron en la Expo.

Las empresas expositoras incluyeron Sailun Tires,Triangle Tire, Bridgestone Tire Costa Rica, Tiremaxx International Corp.-Maxxis Tire, Euromaster, SA / Michelin, GT Radial, Rosava, CEAT Limited, Apollo International Limited, y Multillantas con BKT, TGI y Aeolus, entre muchos otros.

El Director General de Grupo Sailun Latin America Inc., el Sr. Gustavo Lima, presidió la ceremonia inaugural. Otros que se unieronal Sr. Lima en el escenario fueron el Sr. Marco Zigni (Presidente, Grupo Sailun Latin America Inc.), el Sr. Manny Cicerón (Presidente, Alliance Tire Americas), el Sr. Jaime Szulc (Presidente, Goodyear Latin America), el Sr. Sergio Zanini (Director Gerente, Cluster Commercial Latin America, Goodyear), el Sr. Wang Jianye (Gerente General, Sailun Co. Ltd), y el Sr. James Sun (Gerente de Marketing, Sailun Co. Ltd). Los visitantes y los expositores disfrutaron de una divertida presentación de bailes demostrando los diversos aspectos de la cultura panameña y latina.

"Nuestra visión es llevar a los fabricantes globales y proveedores directamente a los mercados Latinos y acercar a los concesionarios de América a los fabricantes en un entorno familiar."

– Linda Bassitt, Directora del Show, Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo

Los oradores de la Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo incluyeron al Sr. Manny Cicero, Presidente de Alliance Tires Americas; al Sr. Heriberto Romero, Director General de Hules Banda, México; Sr. Carlos de Araujo (Director de Operaciones de Bridgestone Colombia), a la Sra. Silvia Alfaro, Gerente de Medio Ambiente, Bridgestone Costa Rica; al Sr. Robert Sherkin, Presidente de Dynamic Tire, Canada; al Sr. John Powath, Director Ejecutivo de Rubber Asia, y al Sr. David Stevens, Director de The Tire Retread and RepairInformation Bureau, Canada.